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Perth's Best Seafood Restaurants

Delicious, healthy and versatile, what is there not to love about seafood? This all star of foods really does have it all, and despite the fact that we are over fishing some species, the development of sustainable farming techniques and informed choices are helping to ensure we don’t have to stop enjoying this dietary wunderkind.

The health benefits of seafood are well documented. High in protein and Omega 3 fatty acids, which helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and low in fat, so are a great if you’re watching your weight, are just for healthy starters.
From the humble battered fish to the delicacy of sushi and the heartiness of a great pasta marinara, be it grilled, steamed, stewed or pan fried, cultures across the planet have found an infinite variety of ways to incorporate fish and shellfish into their culinary repertoire.

And although nothing really beats fresh fish, for thousands of years humans have been curing fish to preserve it for later eating. Even today drying, smoking, pickling and salting are practices still in common use, but the advent of freezing has made fresh fish even more widely accessible.

Some great locally available seafood is well worth trying are salmon, flathead, calamari, whiting, crab and oysters. Those that should be avoided due to over fishing include orange roughy (deep sea perch), flake (shark), southern blue fin tuna, and red snapper.

You don’t have to go far to find delicious seafood, so throw out a line and see what your local restaurant has to offer.

Sarah Murray, Citysearch

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Best Seafood in Perth

Witch's Cauldron

89 ROKEBY ROAD, Subiaco

-31.947662 115.823421

Established 38 years ago, with an outstanding reputation backed by countless awards, Witch's offers the best of Australian wine, fresh seafood, succulent steaks and famous garlic prawns. Specialising in business lunches and functions.

Category: Restaurants // Cuisine: French, Australian

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