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Let Silks take you to another world ??? a Chinese mansion complete with a Mongolian silk tent, where your every whim is answered, the winelist is outstanding and the cuisine is prepared by the best chefs from Hong Kong. Choose from Cantonese specialities such as sang choy bow and shark?s..


From the moment you walk past the serene water feature and into this majestic Cantonese eatery you know you’ve entered a different dimension, where opulence is a way of life and luxury is abounding. The dining room appears to glint and sparkle as if covered in specks of gold, and a large Mongolian silk tent situated in the centre of the room serves as a bar: a unique setting in which to relax with a pre- or post-dinner drink. And, if fortune favours, you’ll find yourself seated at a table near the large glass windows, treated to breathtaking views of the Yarra below.

Chef de cuisine Ping Yan Yeung began his career in Hong Kong before working as sous chef at such prominent Melbourne Chinese eateries as Flower Drum and Shark Fin. His authentic Cantonese cuisine utilises the finest of ingredients to ensure optimum flavours in each and every dish. Start with an appetiser of quail sang choi bao: finely diced quail, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and water chestnuts in a crisp lettuce leaf cup. Follow with the crispy shredded beef fillet with mandarin sauce. Finish with the sweetened walnut soup with dumplings. The wine list is equally breathtaking, although don’t expect any cheapies.

Veda Wickens, March 2007

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