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Railway Hotel

A finely drawn blueprint for South Melbourne hospitality.


Without any hipper-than-thou embellishment, the deco interior of this pub is one of the city's best. Thanks to the gods of architecture, or just the good taste of the licensee, gracious curves have not been lost to a sleek, contemporary fury.

We're not the only ones to notice. Loyal locals, curious visitors and the location scouts for Steven Spielberg appreciate these fixtures, too. They appeared in the HBO World War II mini-series, The Pacific.

Gosh, this place is comfortable. Service is efficient but unhurried. Beer is poured from lines that are well-maintained. And pub agro? Well, that's non-existent. Perhaps it's the loping loveliness of the deco bar that eases the pulse of the patrons.

The heart of this pub beats with respect for the past and a healthy interest in the future. Old-school hospitality reigns even as it produces a menu that honours the multi-culti present of Melbourne. Well-priced Mediterranean, Asian and sub-continental dishes spice up a place that remains otherwise gloriously unchanged.

Here, you shan't sample the newest trends, broker the biggest business deals or drink fashionable cocktails well into the night. What you will do is have your faith in the Australian pub reaffirmed.

SM King, April 2010

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Krack it Up
November 10, 2007

The Railway is my home away from home - I simply love this place and shouldn't be telling you about it - cause as soon as the "cat is out of the bag" about how good this place is - the wombats from the burbs will be here on mass - my request ... stay in the burbs, play pokies, eat parmas and keep places like this to me!

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November 30, 2008

I treat the Railway as my 'home away from home'. The food is great, not your basic pub grub (ie they don't do parmas!) it's good restaurant quality, at pub prices, which is great. The courtyard, at the back of the hotel is a great place to spend Sunday afternoon. It's always being use for film and and tv shoots, Spielberg used it recently and you don't get any better than that! I can only recommend this place - you should go and check it out yourself.

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January 24, 2009

Get to the Railway before everyone else does - its my local!

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March 12, 2009

I go to the Railway for it's famous Steak Night - $14 for an excellent porterhouse, cooked to perfection. We go as a group and usually sit outside in their massive courtyard - there's not many of these left in the inner city. The staff are always friendly and attentive - I really recommend this place to anyone visiting Melbourne and wanting to experience what every pub should be like!

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Ker Plonk
January 03, 2010

I love the Railway, the old school front bar is awesome, the staff are wicked and the beer garden is simple amazing. Yhe kitchen staff pump out really good, restaurant style food, but at reasonable prices. Sundays in the courtyard are not to be missed! Get there before everyone else convinces management that stainless steel and boring six degrees pop-up-pubs are all Melbourne seeks!

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Meganita Marannu
July 16, 2010

Wish i lived closer to this place. I would stop in as often as I could though for the great beer range

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Andre Di Cioccio
July 21, 2010

agreed... the beer range here is amazing!

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October 12, 2010

... and the courtyard/beer garden is a ripper! Plus, the kitchen puts out awesome food. I miss the Railway, I moved from South melb, but whenever I'm near by I drop in and say g'day

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November 04, 2010

I highly recommend the food at the Railway. I live near by and eat her once or twice a month. Never disappoints.

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November 23, 2010

I see this place has been written up by the Age as having one of Melbourne's best beer gardens.... again. Makes total sense to me, The Rails beer garden is Melb's best - by far!

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December 31, 2010

Coldstream Cider ON TAP - Great local Yarra Valley drop, not that multi-national flavoured lolly water, with a marketing budget to match. Great to see an awesome pub supporting a small cider producer!

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