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Prince Alfred Hotel

An old fashioned welcome in a new fashioned way


In a traditionally working class area like Port Melbourne the corner pub is as ubiquitous as flannelette. As such suburbs gentrify, their working class pubs go by
way of oblivion (so does, thankfully, all of the flannelette) and places like gastropubs take their place.

The Prince Alfred hotel in Port Melbourne has made the transition from local boozer to gastropub without losing too much of its inherent working class appeal. Jonno and Smitty, the owners (and barmen), offer an old fashioned welcome in a new fashioned way.  A long list of local beers on tap and by the bottle sit aside a list of bottled ales from Ireland, Holland, Japan, Italy, Mexico or Belgium. A range of house wines hailing from the Coonawarra, Margaret River and our own Pyrenees ($8 by the glass or $27 by the bottle) and a small list of largely Australian wines by the glass (around $9) and bottle (around $40) will keep the taste buds a-buzz with local flavours.

Nightly specials keep it fresh, with music trivia featuring on Thursday night, a Friday night DJ and a live band on a Saturday night. Monday is Paella night ($15 a plate) and Sundays open at 4pm in readiness for Parma night ($15). At other times, a menu of snacks, share plates and main meals come out of the kitchen to a decidedly Spanish theme, with a bit old fashioned pub grub (such lamb and bacon pie served with mash and vege for $20 or a burger for $22) thrown about.

At the Prince Alfred you'll still find a pool table, a generous local ospitality and a keen Aussie spirit, despite its emergence from the days of Port Melbourne of old to become a popular destination for drinking-folk from near and far.

Brenton Geyer, Citysearch

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Sally Jones
September 15, 2008

The Prince Alfred in Port Melbourne is the perfect mix of casual, relaxed ambience without forgetting the important touches. The food is so much better than "pub grub" and the Dj and live band afterwards were lots of fun!

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July 07, 2009

This place is not BYO!

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March 11, 2010

This is a pretty good place to go for a pub meal. Nice decor, good vibe. Casual, relaxed, but definitely not a dump.

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May 17, 2011

User rated 2 star for this content

This is a fantastic pub. Great food and a great atmosphere.

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October 02, 2011

User rated 1 star for this content

Poor service, bland food and the drinks...- Very disappointing venue. Beware you may get your order mistaken and then get escorted out while having paid for a drink you never received!! Me and a group of friends had the misfortune of being in the pub on GF evening when the staff assaulted us. When complaining the staff raised her voice at us instead of correcting her mistake. I have visited pubs in the US, London, Paris, etc and never have I encountered such mediocre treatment of customers. The experience ruined our night and needless to say we will never come back or recommend the place. It;s beyond me why people even queue in the front! Very disappointing that a neighborhood like South Melbourne has to support the existence of this hotel.

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