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Nudel Bar

Celebrating 10 years in service, offering excellent international fare and situated in a prime position it’s easy to see why this eatery is such a success.


2006 is a big year for Nudel Bar because it means they've been in business for a decade, no mean feat in the fickle world of hospitality. But with their prime Bourke Street location nestled between Grossi Florentino and Bottega (good neighbours to have indeed) and their exceptional menu (which has remained pretty much the same these past 10 years) their success is deserved. Choose to sit outdoors under large plane trees or indoors, upstairs or down, and expect to pay less than $20 for a generous portion of delicious, authentic international cuisine.

Renowned restaurateur Dur-e Dara and fellow Nudel team mates, chef John Makay and front of house star Helen Sanigo, have designed a menu of now legendary dishes influenced by their places of birth. These one-bowl dishes of good, generous serves are replenishing, a must when in the city. Sample such favourites as the spaghetti aglio olio (spaghetti with oil, garlic, parsley and garlic crumbs, with or without chilli); the wonton mee (fine egg noodles served with prawn and pork dumplings, sweet pork, Chinese broccoli and pickled green chillis); or the spatzli noodles with goulash (spatzli noodles tossed with caraway seeds and served with a goulash of mutton with carrot and paprika). The fairly priced, Australian-friendly wine list offers most options by the glass.

Veda Wickens, December 2006

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