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Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Chocoholics beware: do not attempt to enter this chocolaterie without your sponsor - a relapse is inevitable!


Owner, entrepreneur and lover of chocolate Max Brenner claims he was originally inspired to be a writer after reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when he was 10 years old. His dream became a reality when a passion for writing led him to gay Paris. He found himself alone and uninspired until a position working with a French chef begat a new passion, this time for all things sweet.

Indulge in a hot chocolate, or chocolat, Max's "cappuccino of chocolate", such as the Venezuela dark chocolate served in a "hug mug" specifically designed to be held in both hands, or cupped, embracing and creating the ultimate drinking experience. Alternatively choose the suckao: a warm, concentrated chocolate shot of dark, milk or white chocolate, drunk through a metal straw. If it's something cool you're after try one of the chocktails (frozen chocolate frappes) like the cookie shake: white chocolate cream, Oreo cookies and sweet pecans. Choose home-baked fresh pastries such as big white or dark chocolate chunk cookies filled with roasted almonds, or a warm chocolate brownie with roasted walnuts. For the ultimate sweet tooth try a chocolate and banana crepe: warm chocolate sauce, bananas and vanilla ice-cream, or a chocolate pizza: pizza base with chocolate cream, crunchy nuts, banana and marshmallow cubes.

Veda Wickens, August 2006

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February 27, 2007

Truly one of the best places to meet in the city- the hot chocolate is to die for. I'd recommend the Venezuelan Milk Choc. Perfect spot for a business or social meeting!

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