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The Harp of Erin Hotel

Reputedly, one of the best parmas in Melbourne can be found at one of the city's best Irish pubs.


While you may blanche at the thought of spending time in an Irish pub, the Harp of Erin, in the eastern suburb of Kew, will dispel those thoughts. The Harp is a pretty popular place almost any night of the week. Sure, this might be due to the TAB in the public bar. It might also be due to the rumour that the Harp serves the best parma in Melbourne. The only way you're really going to ascertain the reason is to find out for yourself.

A local icon, regulars drop in several times a week to park on a bar stool and chew the fat. Bistro meals can be had at the bar or one of the many tables. And since the recent renovations, you don't have to worry about your shoes sticking to the carpet (admittedly, which some people do use as a litmus test of a good bar). Behind the bar, the usual range of imported and local brews are on tap, with a large range of bottled beers from across the globe. There's a decent wine list as well, if you're keen on a more civilised meal.

Entertainment wise, you're spoiled for choice. Every Wednesday to Sunday, the Harp puts on a wide range of live music and disc jockeys. Local musos mix it up with Top 40 DJs to create an atmosphere just right for a boogie or a prowl. The Harp's trivia night - every Monday night - is also known far and wide. It's the ideal opportunity to catch up with your mates, grab a parma and prove your worldliness in a trivia setting. Just get in early as tables fill up fast.
Mark Gambino, February 2009

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Rob J
March 12, 2008

Jaymz Clements - sports bars are for MEN and MEN are into sports and placing a bet, not interior desing. Who cares what the place looks like - you can drink beer and bet here. The End.

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July 17, 2008

I agree with the comments about the Parma, one of the best and filling feeds in Melbourne..

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