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Filou Patisserie

In search of a good loaf? This converted corner store has long been the shrine for lovers of bread and all things French.


The smell of the pastry is enough to make a devout Francophile weep. From this unassuming bakery/patisserie in Carlton, Phillipe Cavin and his bakers have been making artisan breads, pastries and tarts for the past 12 years. The pastry is buttery; the choux pastry light, ephemeral; the pastries, delicately sweet. Filous is an epiphany of French baking.


With its early opening hours, Filous gives new meaning to breakfast on the run. For breakfast, a chocolate croissant or fruit brioche with strong coffee will make you feel glad that you got out of bed. Drop in for lunch, there is only counter service and it can be standing room only on the weekend, but it is worth the wait. Order one of the quiches: Lorraine, vegetable and basil or one of Carlton's favourites: tuna, olive and tomato. The spinach pie covered with lattice pastry is another popular choice. There are citron tarts and fruit danishes: folded whispers of pastry, custard and fruit, and a selection of wicked cakes. Try the pear and chocolate flan. Pick up a loaf of kalamata olive or herb and roast capsicum bread on the way home. Bon appetit.

Fiona Symington, May 2006

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