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Jonny Hughes
July 11, 2008

we've gone in for a meal every now and again and for a whilw it wasn't so great, but recentlt the staff are heaps more friendly and they even put on the sports cahnnel on the big screen at lunchtime if we ask.

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tom neil
August 14, 2008

Great for what people are looking for, meal in a hurry, improved heaps. as for what officepatron said. Staff try their best, give it a go then be the judge. Love the place.

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Fred V
August 07, 2009

I recently starting working on Pirie St and have become a bit of a frequent visitor of The Office on Pirie. In the past few months, i have noticed some vast improvements. The staff are friendly and inviting, the atomsphere, decor and music is excellent. The re-vamped menu and daily specials are fantastic and reasonably priced, all the dishes i have tried have been outstanding. I highly reccomend to anyone who has not checked out the office recently to give it a go!

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Kyle Burton
April 22, 2010

I went to the office the other day and they have new management. it was great. The staff were really friendly and the meals were really good for value. Im glad its starting to improve

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April 27, 2010

The owners of the office, of which I am one, thank you for your comments. If there are ways in which you would like to see the Office improve then please share your comments on line and over the bar and lets make the Office a place for all to enjoy. There are somethings we can change overnight and others that will take a little more time, get on board and help recreate the iconic Office of old and share the experience with a new generation.

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jerry brown
May 20, 2010

i was just reading the comments from 2008 and i dont agree with them. They have new ownership now and the food is very lovely. They have recently changed menu and the good is really nice. I had the stuffed mushrooms and they were to die for. To whoever reads from 2008 please dont take note its changed!! so come in and try for yourself

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Ken Court
July 09, 2010

I Agree with office patron that the service is average. The prices are maybe 10-20% to high, but all in all its a really solid contender for my lunch vote. 3.5/5

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