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Pint Club Darwin

A no-frills institution that hasn’t cooled in the shadow of the stadium.


What's not to love about a club that requires a five buck membership? Sign in, sit down and drink in the atmosphere of one of the city's most dependable haunts.

Don't expect soothing music, extensive cocktail menus or décor that screams “now”. Instead, be soothed in an environment of sport and good will that's unlikely to change anytime soon.

For the local, this is a dependable pit stop on the way home from the footy. To the visitor, it's a legitimate experience of true Territory leisure. Slow, effortless cheer is served alongside a limited selection of frosties.

For smokers yet to overcome their madness, yes: there is an outdoor smoking area. Actually, the outdoor smoking area is pretty much anywhere outdoors; including an agreeable beer garden which can provide respite not only for addicts but for those choosing to dodge another addiction: gambling.

The snacks here are modestly priced. While they'd not qualify as the high-end of Mod Oz, they're (a) available and (b) handy to staunch the flow of alcohol through the blood brain barrier.

Re-fuel here on your way from TIO Stadium or your way to the airport. While, on the face of it, the place might seem unremarkable, there's an unaffected Darwin air to all proceedings.

SM King, May 2010

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May 06, 2008

Great place to have a cold beer and watch the footy, play the pokies or have a game of pool

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