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Globies Bar

A big hit with backpackers and locals alike, this bar serves up cold beer, sports on the big screen and live entertainment.


Globies is a bit of an institution in these parts. Part of the Globe Trotters backpackers, there's no prize for guessing what kind of debauchery can happen here. And when a host of international travellers get together for a good time, the answer is always 'only the best kind'. Which pretty much makes Globies a party every night of the week. There's also a quieter lounge area, if you don't feel up to partying, where you can sit back and soak up the air-con.

Local sports fans are also drawn to the bar, owing to the installation of one of the biggest TVs in Darwin. Live sports and replays screen constantly, with locals regularly making their way to the bar for the latest match. Naturally, you'll also find homesick Brits and Europeans getting a fix of their home team's action. And when the game is over, you can cool off in the pool outside. Yes, there's even a pool, complete with its own bar.

Beers offered are your usual suspects: VB, Carlton Draught, Stella, Asahi, Coopers Pale Ale and more, all offer a reliable choice. Wines are also available, although the list is fairly humble. What matters is that drinks are ice-cold, served late into the night, and all come in an entertaining atmosphere.
Karen Jessop, October 2008

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January 05, 2009

great bar, bit quiet in the wet season but so is the whole of Darwin, dry season it really is the place to be to meet all the backpackers and enjoy the sport and cheap beer

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Kara B
April 06, 2010

Love this place. When all the other sports venues were playing the AFL/ NRL, Globies played the UK Football Premier League to just a handful of devout locals. Looking forward to a rowdy dry season in this mitchell street bar in 2010!

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November 19, 2010

This bar has the potenical to be great unfortunatly the Manager - Sean is so unassuie he makes the place empty. there is never anyone in there cos of his attitude, no comps that are adversited actually happen!! get rid of him and the place will be great!

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King John of Wales
December 05, 2010

what happened to the Scots guy who ran the bar, this new guy is terrible, bring back the Scot.

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Myafmwi Jones
May 12, 2011

This place has just been taken over and renovated and looks great. The only place in town showing all codes of sport live with sound. Great food is served here and very reasonably priced. Top pub with in house Darts and pool comps.

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May 09, 2012

User rated 5 star for this content

Best pub in Darwin by far!! Great management, lovely friendly barmaids and a class set of locals. Kilkenny and Guinness on tap just tops it off

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