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Kaki Lima Cafe

Forget fry-ups and fruit loops, this is breakfast Malaysian style.


The section of Anzac Parade around the University of NSW is jam-packed with Asian restaurants. However, if you're here before, say, 11:30 in the morning, your choices will be fairly limited. A shame, because for many Asians, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. One little cafe has taken advantage of this fact. Kaki Lima is open throughout the day but its speciality is the traditional Malay breakfast. There are no hotcakes or bacon on this menu. Instead, the Malaysian breakfast is rather like the Malaysian lunch. Rice, curries and soups are the order of the morning. 

Kaki Lima means "mobile food" - the cuisine here is based on the food served from Malaysia's roadside food carts. Its authenticity is verified by the fact that Milo has a prominent place on the menu. Yes, this humble Aussie-made malt drink is a veritable institution in Malaysia. Hordes of Malaysian students flock to Kaki Lima's simple, communal dining room for pre-lecture meals of nasi lemak (coconut rice with curry), martabak (a flaky roti parcel filled with beef, eggs and onions) and Penang laksa, a sour, tamarind-tinged version of the famous soup. An acquired taste perhaps, but very good. For something resembling a Western-style breakfast, try the roti bakar: grilled bread slathered in butter and coconut jam. Not exactly healthy, but it's damned delicious.

Fiona Davies, Citysearch

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September 14, 2008

Authentic Malaysian fare at an affordable price.

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September 18, 2008

The best Malay food in Sydney. Some kuih are even better than the same in Malaysia. Try their roti canai, penang laksa, the tarek, and kuih lopis. yum!

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hana majid
February 27, 2009

Best asam laksa (penang) in Sydney! Like seriously!

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ex malaysian
February 08, 2010

the price is not cheap for a cafe. The nasi lemak (coconut flavoured rice with chicken/beef rendang or curries)is the BEST in Sydney !!!(The beef of the nasi lemak though at times can be too dry after sitting under that bane marie light).The penang laksa is very nice but spicy and hot (I always ask for more 'hekoh' (malaysian black prawn paste). The kueh are lovely but I'd wished they would put less colouring.

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August 04, 2010

nice food, i tried the roti canai, it;s so delicious.

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August 19, 2010

Great roti canai, took a bit long for an order for 8 of us but it was great to have their murtabak & teh tarik ice :) not bad for their price either

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Rhys Goodey
February 22, 2011

Ex Malaysian-how cheap do you want it? They have Sydney business costs to absorb. They are doing a great job.Excellent value.Also do try the Restaurant K5 in the new block by Doncaster Hotel.Same Malay owner, same great food & service.

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