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OST Bar and Diner

OST is a bar with near-perfect coordinates


Just a little north of wonderful and only a few degrees west of, “Please, can I move in?” is this little bar and eatery with a limitless appetite for the new. And the old. And all chronological destinations in between.

Walk in to find that modern-as-tomorrow décor that is as appropriate to Copenhagen 1947 as it is to Los Angeles 2011. The mid-century design is restrained and built to outlast many hospitality fashion cycles. It would be rude, of course, to ask if those chairs are genuine Eames. No matter; it is the sense of style in this resto-bar that is completely authentic.

OST, both an abbreviation for “Original Soundtrack” and the German word for east, allows patrons to set forth in a number of directions. One can choose only to dine on a so-fusion-it’s-post-fusion menu in the dedicated dining area or take small plates inside, outside or by the bar. Just order something, please. Any menu that incorporates Swiss, Korean and Vietnamese elements all in a single breath deserves your interest.

And so does any place that seems to have no rigid demands for its clientele. Anyone with a little enthusiasm for food and wine is welcome at OST.

SM King, March 2011

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